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Since 2016, Tapped In Performance operates under the principle that reaching for your potential inherently involves developing skills, discovering your current strengths, and finding healthy ways to recover from the demands of challenges. We assist this process by tailoring services to individuals and teams based on their specific needs. Our customised workshops in well-being, psychological skills training, and motivation & performance enhancement are available to sports teams, parents, coaches, and corporate teams, as well as conferences, and educational institutions. Tapped In Performance workshops are designed to be engaging and can also offer the unique experience of extending to incorporate yoga and/or guided relaxation with our own certified yoga instructor, themed to the chosen topic. Individual athletes can benefit from one to one services with our performance psychologist, Tomas.


We believe that it is through developing skills that we can uncover the strengths we already possess, and that we can enhance this growth through allowing space for optimal recovery. Whether individual or group, athlete, parent, coach/leader, or team member, Tapped In Performance aims to provide the opportunity to tap into your potential.



"Your past is not your potential. In any hour you can choose to liberate the future."

- Marilyn Ferguson, Writer and Humanist


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