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Performance psychology isn't just about managing anxiety or for top performers, even if that is the most common reason people first seek out a specialist in the field. Having a psychologist who has studied, researched, and is highly experienced in performance can give you the edge you haven't found quite yet. It's a confidential way to learn to connect with the ability to enhance your the effectiveness of your actions through engaging your mind in any field or aspect of life. Finding fluidity of thoughts and actions with what matters most in your life, sport or career is achievable.

Clifftop Yoga

  • transform anxiety & stress to resilience and achievement

  • set goals and reach them 

  • improve preparation for competition

  • increase & maintain enjoyment and motivation

  • navigate setbacks

  • improve relationships

Modern Ballet Dancer

People often work with a performance psychologist to help them:

For more information or to book in, give us a call or e-mail us now.

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