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It's not just about striving to be your best, it's also thriving as your best. Tap into your performance.

Tap into your potential.

Elite athletes often report the real difference between champions isn't their physical ability, but their mental strength on any given day. Tapping into the mental side of performance, can make the difference between happiness or disappointment in what you're accomplishing, or even how you perceive yourself. Tapped In Performance custom designs workshops and provides services at the individual, team,  and organisational levels, and can include key support persons (e.g., parents).

Workshops and confidential individual consults are specialised in helping develop skills, discover strengths, and manage recovery to tap into your full potential. Our performance psychologist, Tomas Tapper, has over a decade of experience engaging individual clients, teams, coaches, and parents to find ways of improving performance outcomes for athletes.


The ability to apply your knowledge and skills is power.


Gaining information on how current strategies are helping or hindering one's ability to achieve their potential is an important aspect to increasing self-awareness and mental stamina. This holds true for athletes and coaches alike in finding satisfaction within their profession and reaching their potential. Our workshops allow groups to develop and refine further psychological skills that can enhance the experience and performance for those invested in their sport.


Sport workshops and individual consults are designed to be practical and hands on to help individuals and teams:

  • DEVELOP and refine psychological skills to enhance the experience and performance for those invested in their sport.

  • DISCOVER how to use strengths and values to work more fluidly towards improvement and potential

  • Learn how to RECOVER optimally for each individual, giving the chance for skills, strengths, and values to cohesively solidfy into a means to help future action.



Regular workshop topics cover:


  • Performing under pressure

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • Confidence

  • Motivation

  • Replicating peak performance

  • Mindfulness and relaxation training

  • Navigating relationships (coach-athlete-parent/family)

  • Team building

  • Travel and time management

  • Improving self-awareness and emotional regulation

  • Proactive recovery and avoiding burnout

  • Navigating best fits with coaches and athletes

  • Building resilience

  • Overcoming lows

  • Keeping focus after the exhilaration of a great performance or outcome


Tapped In Performance designs custom workshops to provide practical TIPS (Tapped In Performance Strategies) alongside hands on, engaging activities. We can also incorporate yoga sessions and guided relaxation with our certified yoga instructor, alongside the theme of any workshop.

Contact us to discuss how Tapped In Performance can work for you.



“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.”

– Carlton Fisk, Baseball Hall of Famer

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