Tomas Tapper

Performance Psychologist & ACT Coach
(Sport & Exercise Psychology Registrar, MPsych, MAPS)

Currently contracted as the performance psychologist for Swimming Australia's Paralympic Swim Team, Tomas works at the individual, team, and organisational levels to achieve optimal performance results. Having been an elite athlete through his adolescence, followed by a coaching career spanning more than a decade, his research and expertise is in examining coach-athlete relationships and collaborative methods for meeting peak performance. Tomas’ practice includes mental skills training through one to one work, team building, and group workshops. His facilitation style is considered dynamic, engaging, and energizing with a focus on practical use. As an expert in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training) and Mindfulness Tomas uses these techniques as a base for working with junior and elite athletes in sports such as swimming, sailing, tennis, hockey, and water polo. He also works with mental skills training in the fields of performing arts, general exercise, mental health and well-being. He is highly praised for his ability to help clients in developing self-awareness, increased motivation, improved team dynamics, and discovering individual tools for recovery. With an extensive background in working with clients from varied cultures at home and overseas, from childhood through to the golden years, he knows that no two individuals or teams are alike and is dedicated to helping clients tap into their performance potential at any stage of their life or career.


Davina Tapper

Life & ACT Coach, Facilitator, Yoga Instructor

With over 15 years working in mental health, and a background in psychology and behaviour therapy, Davina integrates practical aspects of well-being into the fields of counselling, learning and development (workshop facilitation), and yoga teaching. From stress management and suicide prevention, to cultural sensitivity training, she has extensive practice at designing workshops to meet group needs.  Her facilitation style, is known for being thorough while carrying a sense of humour and maintaining personal connection to her audience. Having relocated to Australia from Canada, in 2013 she began working with beyondblue, specialising in anxiety and depression counselling. As an ACT Coach, she has been complimented as someone who takes on hard topics and strong emotions with a presence and connection to clients that allows exploration, while still keeping to the key concerns and authentic engagement. As a registered yoga instructor, she brings her passion for supporting psychological flexibility to assisting in building physical flexibility and strength. Her goal with any client is in helping them reach their individual potential, live their lives to what's most important to them, and strengthening resilience when it comes to the negative impact stress, depression, and anxiety has on them. Her personal experience with post-traumatic growth after several serious traumas is known for adding a unique inspiration for clients in developing and discovering tools for healthy recovery in every day life events.

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